New REDY® Platform: Industry Leading Investment in Data Driven Client Experience

CRC Group has the most actionable data in wholesale business and will use that advantage to power new data and analytics system to help retail clients win.

Having the best brokers and underwriters, the broadest market access, and the best service are table stakes today in the wholesale business. To excel, a wholesaler must do more. That is why CRC Group is investing in being different and better — we call it placing you first.


CRC Group has the most actionable data in the wholesale business. We have been collecting exposure and loss information on every account we write for years, building a proprietary database that includes millions of data points across all wholesale product lines. We have the largest collection of actionable intelligence spanning dozens of coverages and thousands of industries.


We are using our data to power our newest innovation — REDY the Risk, Evaluation, Database. We believe we can use data and analytics to make nearly every part of how we place and service an account better.

From market selection to negotiating the placement, our REDY platform will be designed to leverage the collective knowledge of every member of our national team to deliver valuable and actionable intelligence to our brokers and underwriters directly in the work flow, allowing us to deliver a better client experience every time.

REDY will empower CRC Group’s brokers and underwriters to produce better outcomes and better results, to consistently outperform the competition. That is how we use data to help you win. It is another way we’re placing you first.


CRC Group is already delivering a best in class client experience today. We have not only been collecting data, but we have been putting that data to work through our proprietary benchmarking, forms comparisons, property risk assessment reports, and other tools all designed to help our retail clients win. Each is available today from CRC Group brokers and underwriters. Last year, we delivered tens of thousands of these data driven reports to our retail clients to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Proprietary Benchmarking Reports

Benchmarking reports are an effective tool to help insureds making data-driven risk assessments. CRC Group has developed proprietary benchmarking reports based on the largest collection of data in the wholesale business, which allow insureds to track how peer companies buy limits in a variety of industries and coverages.

Property Risk Assessment Reports

CRC Group’s Property Risk Assessment Report is a tool developed by CRC’s property experts to help clients win. Exclusive to CRC Group, this report helps deliver an attractive and detailed presentation providing quality mapping and analytics with comprehensive location details and analysis to insureds.

The Agency Analyzer

We seek to partner with our clients to maximize the value of wholesale portfolio data and analytics. We have successfully created a proprietary data warehouse which enables us to capture and analyze data effectively on a platform designed for the industry. This is a process that requires skilled in- house team members from different disciplines. Our consulting capabilities allow us to aggregate these resources for the benefit of our clients to review your data and create an action plan.

Exclusive Amendatory Endorsements

We deliver best in class coverage to our clients via our custom amendatory endorsements designed to ensure high quality of coverage with strategic markets. This library of over 130 amendatory endorsements is the result of detailed contract negotiations and is frequently reviewed to ensure they remain relevant to market conditions.

Coverage Comparisons

The Comparison Tool allows our brokers to provide policy comparisons for various lines of coverage quickly and efficiently. These comparisons can be generated in long and short form, depending on the wishes of your clients. More importantly, the content is a differentiator. This is an not merely a cut and paste of contract terms like some of the commercially available tools, but specific coverage guidance using legal interpretations and market intelligence to help our clients determine the best result.