Private D&O REDY Index December 2021

The REDY Index leverages CRC Group’s collection of actionable data – the wholesale industry’s largest. It provides critical pricing analysis monthly, giving you a snapshot of the marketplace. The REDY Index generates instant intelligence on pricing trends by industry or coverage, enabling our retail partners to set accurate data- driven expectations with their clients. Removing the guesswork empowers CRC team members to negotiate competitively, consistently producing better outcomes, better deliverables, and better results.


PRIVATE D&O REDY® INDEX - December 2021

 15.2% 14.7% 16.3% 15.1% 300 12.8% 200  14.1% 12.8% 12.6% 12.9% 13.3%  12.2%  10.2%          Jan 21 Feb 21 Mar 21 Apr 21 May 21 Jun 21 No Increase No Increase Jul 21 Aug 21 1% to 9% 1% to 9% Sep 21 Oct 21 Nov 21 Dec 21 100 0   Average YoY Renewal Change 10% to 19% 10% to 19% 20%+ Average YOY Renewal Change 20%+

Results displayed above reflect average CRC Group Private D&O renewal pricing changes by month (over the previous 12 months). Results are limited to accounts that renewed in the same month as the prior year with the same total account limits. To remove outliers, the top and bottom 1% of accounts by YoY % change have been removed, as well as the top and bottom 1% of accounts by rate on line (Premium/Limit*100). The REDY Index is intended for educational purposes only as individual accounts typically differ from average pricing trends.


  • Insurers are requesting more information on debt including when it is coming due, to whom it is owed, and relationships with creditors.
  • Watch out for the following exclusions in private D&O policies—full anti-trust, major shareholder, biometric, security/privacy, and ERP restrictions.
  • Underwriters are scrutinizing the effects of COVID and company solvency. They are also watching M&A activity, which increases underwriting exposure.
  • Difficult private D&O classes include companies with nuanced risk profiles including those in healthcare, life sciences, real estate-related businesses, cannabis, crypto, fintech, technology, and unicorns (privately held startup companies valued at over $1 billion).
  • D&O underwriters are also affected by the fiduciary liability and EPLI market, which are often combined with D&O. D&O carriers have been impacted by excessive fee litigation on the fiduciary liability line, and EPLI claims are on the rise from EEOC filings and biometric claims.