CRC Group Announces Stewart Brown as New Regional Director of Transportation Binding Unit

CRC Group, a nationwide wholesale distributor of specialty insurance products, announced today that Stewart Brown has been promoted to Regional Director of the company’s Transportation Binding division for a newly created region that includes Texas and California effective January 1, 2021.

Brown, who joined CRC as a Casualty and Transportation Broker in 2003, has amassed more than 25 years of primary transportation experience. Based in CRC’s Seattle office, Brown specializes in primary liability fleet business, both for-hire and business, public auto. As a Senior Broker, he has maintained excellent relationships with our key market partners, and has a proven track record of success.

As Regional Director, Brown will be responsible for leading the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Fresno transportation binding teams as well continuing to work with his existing clients, while based in Seattle. He will be dedicated to growing CRC Group’s Transportation Binding’s book of business and will represent CRC Transportation Binding with key markets to assist with its expansion and gain more market support.

“Over the past year plus, we have invested in new transportation binding talent across the country, through both hiring and acquisitions, while at the same time investing in technology to make our teams more efficient. Expanding Stewart’s role will help us to better support CRC Transportation Binding’s growth goals for 2021 and beyond. We’re very excited to have Stewart lead the Southwest.” said West McAdams, President CRC Binding.