CRC Group Launches Next Feature Set of REDY® Platform New REDY.Search Features Focus on Market Selection

CRC Group released new REDY.Search functionality for the company’s REDY (Risk Evaluation Database) Platform. REDY.Search combines the knowledge of individual CRC brokers and underwriters with the company’s vast array of exposure and loss information to identify markets and programs with the highest likelihood to write an account.

“Especially in today’s tightening wholesale market, REDY.Search will help ensure we cover the entire market for our retail clients,” said Dave Obenauer, CEO of CRC Group. “REDY.Search truly brings the knowledge of every CRC broker and underwriter to every transaction. It taps into our collective intelligence and allows us to scour the market to ensure we bring the best options to our retail clients and their insureds.”

CRC Group has the most actionable data in the wholesale business. The company has collected millions of risk characteristics on all bound accounts since 2016. REDY.Search delivers CRC brokers and underwriters data-driven market recommendations based on those millions of data points enhancing their ability to approach the best markets and achieve the best outcomes for their agency partners.
“We can look much deeper than coverage, industry and state. REDY.Search allows us to match risks based on over 530 attributes – everything from number of doors, to number of beds or from TIV, to loss experience,” said Neil Kessler, COO at CRC Group. “We have the best brokers and underwriters in the wholesale business, and REDY.Search is all about delivering them actionable, data-driven market recommendations directly in the workflow to make them even better on each account every time.”

REDY.Search is the first major feature set added to CRC Group’s REDY® Platform. Future releases scheduled later in 2019 and throughout 2020 will bring significant additional functionality to the platform, including REDY.Analyze, REDY.Match, and REDY.Deliver. Each focused on delivering data-driven, proprietary insights to CRC brokers and underwriters equipping them to help their retailers win. CRC Group announced the REDY® platform as the next step in the company’s wholesale industry-leading data and analytics strategy in March 2019. For more information see