REDY, Set, Grow

Data and analytics make a difference in helping retail agents win. Dave Obenauer's REDY, Set, Grow Q&A was featured in Leader's Edge Magazine this month. In the Q&A, Dave talks about CRC Group’s strategy and vision for data and analytics, their new Risk, Evaluation, Database known as REDY, and more.

Aren’t wholesalers alike? What is your view on how to differentiate them?
Wholesalers really are not all alike. They perform an important role in connecting retail agents and brokers with insurance markets, but beyond that, the similarities end. A big differentiator is data and analytics to improve service and achieve better outcomes for clients. Data does seem to be changing everything in a lot of industries.

How is CRC using data?
Data is a big part of our DNA. CRC has the wholesale industry’s largest collection of actionable data — literally millions of data points. One of the ways we are applying data and analytics is our recently unveiled Risk Evaluation Database, or REDY Platform. Ultimately, REDY will give our people better tools to serve the needs of our retail clients and their insureds.

What are the advantages of REDY for retail agents and brokers?
REDY will make a difference in every part of how we market and service accounts. REDY will provide our brokers and underwriters actionable intelligence so they can deliver better outcomes and help our retail clients win. REDY’s insights will help detail what markets are writing coverages; benchmark rates, limits and deductibles; understand terms and conditions, forms and endorsements; and deliver better proposals. CRC is committed to placing our customers first, to help them get the broadest coverages and grow their businesses. REDY is another way we are demonstrating that commitment.

What else is CRC doing with all that data?
Having a lot of data is one thing. Actionable intelligence is another. CRC is putting our data to work already today through anonymized proprietary data-driven reports. We provide benchmarking, from comparisons and property risk assessments. CRC is also putting together exclusive products with strategic carrier partners, which we could not do without the level of data we have already collected. We are also very committed to the quality and security of the data. We have built into our platform very high standards of data security supported by millions of dollars of infrastructure investments annually.

What do you see changing about wholesalers in the future?
Most wholesalers today can claim to offer technical expertise and broad market access, but that is not enough. At CRC, we are striving to provide even more value to our clients. That means we will deliver the best client experience, through differentiated capabilities and data-driven insights. This approach will give clients and their insureds the confidence that when they work with CRC, they will achieve the best outcomes consistently — not just in the future but even right now.

What will stay the same?
We believe many of the things that make wholesaling valuable will remain. That includes developing creative solutions, helping clients overcome challenges, nurturing relationships with clients and insurance markets and seeing clients’ businesses grow. Insurance has always been a business of people helping people, and we think that fundamentally will not change.