Excess & Umbrella REDY® Index January 2023

The REDY® Index leverages CRC Group’s collection of actionable data – the wholesale industry’s largest. It provides critical pricing analysis monthly, giving you a snapshot of the marketplace. The REDY Index generates instant intelligence on pricing trends by industry or coverage, enabling our retail partners to set accurate data-driven expectations with their clients. Removing the guesswork empowers CRC team members to negotiate competitively, consistently producing better outcomes, better deliverables, and better results.



19.3%    14.7% 13.3% 14.6% 13.4% 17.7% 21% Jun 22 15.8% 20% Jul 22 15.9% 19% 24% Aug 22 1% to 9% 1% to 9% 14.1% 11.8% 140 15.4% 12.9% 120  100 80 60 40 20 Dec 22 0 20%+


Results displayed above reflect average CRC Group excess and umbrella liability renewal pricing changes by month (over the previous 12 months). Results are limited to brokerage accounts that renewed in the same month as the prior year with the same total account limits. To remove outliers, the top and bottom 1% of accounts by YoY % change have been removed, as well as the top and bottom 1% of accounts by rate online (Premium/ Limit*100). The REDY Index is intended for educational purposes only as individual accounts typically differ from average pricing trends.


  • Some standard line carriers have come back into the excess marketplace on particular classes. In addition, new carriers have and are entering the space and aim to take advantage of the disruption in the excess marketplace. Several new carriers and MGA’s have formed with many of them now accepting submissions. This has also created high demand for experienced underwriters, and there are not enough available to fill all the open positions. It remains to be seen what impact they will have on the broader excess marketplace.

    The graph above reflects that premiums may be rising due to exposure increases, and not necessarily tied to rate increases. Tougher classes will continue to see both rate and exposure increases, particularly if the loss experience is not favorable.
  • Excess losses are still escalating due to social inflation; the self-reinforcing trend of higher verdicts leads to higher expectations for awards and higher settlements. Third-party litigation funding is gaining momentum as investors look to profit from this judicial climate.
  • Difficult classes for excess include wildfire, high-hazard products, transportation-related accounts, habitational, hotels, public entity, higher education, residential & New York construction, and any risk with sub-par loss experience.