Marketing Claims Advocacy Team Helps Retailer Win BOR with Large Healthcare Manufacturer

Often we assume that bigger is better, but unless products and promises are backed by exceptional service, the value proposition can quickly lose its luster. A large public manufacturer of healthcare products had become dissatisfied with the level of attention and service received from its broker, which is known for high level sophistication and client advocacy particularly in the area of Professional Liability. A smaller retail broker, with a reputation for excellent customer service was given the opportunity to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) outlining the retailer’s ability to meet the manufacturer’s insurance service needs.


The retailer wisely chose to expound on their expertise regarding Director and Officer Liability and Product Liability coverage because the insured had outstanding claims in these areas and placed a high level of importance on working with brokers knowledgeable in D&O and Product Liability claims. The insured was seeking a retailer skilled at collaborating with the company’s legal counsel and insurance carriers to maximize coverage, enabling carriers and legal defense teams to partner seamlessly, and achieving the best possible outcomes with few surprises.

The retailer made sure to present the benefits of CRC’s Claims Advocacy Team, led by Chief Claims Officer, David Gilfillan, because he fills a role that inspires the kind of confidence that insureds need to transition their business to a new retailer. Dave’s unique background offers assurances that are unmatched by CRC’s competitors. His background encompasses 20+ years in the insurance industry, and experience litigating shareholder class actions as both a plaintiff and defense attorney. He is also a certified mediator and serves on the Board of Advisors for a Corporate Governance Consulting / Expert Witness group. The breadth and depth of Dave’s claims expertise gave the retailer’s proposal the added impact necessary to successfully land the business. Since then, Dave has actively participated in calls with the insured’s executive leadership and outside defense counsel regarding their current claims. Demonstrating CRC’s commitment to world-class service, Dave also traveled to New York to personally meet with the defense counsel and review all open claims and litigation, as well as meeting with the brokers and the insured’s executive team, ensuring that CRC is ready to step in if further assistance is needed.


By choosing to market CRC’s Claims Advocacy Team and claim functions, the retail broker was able to turn a long shot into a sure thing. Retail agents and insureds depend on CRC’s unique ability to analyze claim issues, provide valuable insights, and facilitate resolutions. Delivering on our promises is just one more way CRC Group is placing you first.