Property REDY® Index June 2022

The REDY Index leverages CRC Group’s collection of actionable data – the wholesale industry’s largest. It provides critical pricing analysis monthly, giving you a snapshot of the marketplace. The REDY Index generates instant intelligence on pricing trends by industry or coverage, enabling our retail partners to set accurate data-driven expectations with their clients. Removing the guesswork empowers CRC team members to negotiate competitively, consistently producing better outcomes, better deliverables, and better results.



  34% 13.5% 13.3% 16.4% 10.3% 13.3% 150 120 24% 90 25%  12.3%  8.8% 9.5% 10.5% 11.5% 10.7% 8.6% 9% 15% 13% 16% 11.5%   16% 9% 10% 14% 24% 16% 19% 24%                60 30 Jun '21 Jul '21 Aug '21 Sep '21 Oct '21 Nov '21 Dec '21 Jan '22 Feb '22 Mar '22 Apr '22 May '22 Jun '22 0 Average YoY Renewal Change No Increase 1% to 9% 10% to 19% 20%+ Average YOY Renewal Change No Increase 1% to 9% 10% to 19% 20%+


The REDY Index shows pricing trends based on average property renewal premium on a broad range of accounts – in all 50 states, with varying loss histories, and a variety of perils and occupancies. Your results may differ substantially from the average shown above depending on these attributes and a particular account’s risk profile.  Results are limited to brokerage accounts that renewed in the same month as the prior year with the same total account limits.To remove outliers, the top and bottom 1% of accounts by YoY % change have been removed, as well as the top and bottom 1% of accounts by rate online (Premium/ Limit*100). The REDY Index is intended for educational purposes only.


  • ITV is one of the most significant issues impacting all property insurance areas in 2022. Continuing supply chain pressure and nationwide post-pandemic demand surge means the cost of building materials and labor are quickly outpacing inflation rates. These factors have increased pressure to more accurately reflect the full cost to replace damaged property, which is driving insurance premiums upward, apart from any increased rate carriers may be seeking. ITV concerns are also generating changes in program structure as well as the basis for declinations with many underwriters. Ensuring current property valuation data is included in submissions is essential for collaborating productively with underwriting.
  • Natural Catastrophe Capacity remains challenging. Carrier retrenchments and pullbacks in capacity have increased throughout 2022. In addition, some MGA’s and insurers are leaving certain geographies and occupancies all together. Extreme hardening is occurring along the Gulf, and particularly in Louisiana, as carriers attempt to remain in the market while maintaining the ability to pay claims. In certain instances there may be fewer limits available than in prior years, and the cost of attainable limits may be significantly higher.