Tim Stone

Vice President & Senior Broker

3350 Riverwood Parkway Southeast Suite 1100
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone:  (678) 969-8358
Cell:  (404) 353-6895

SPEED & AGILITY - Timely handling of new, renewal, and mid-term transactions. Our work does not end when coverage is bound.

KNOWLEDGE - Over 73 years of combined insurance experience.

VALUE ADDED - We do more than just get quotes. We closely review terms & conditions to help you structure better coverage for your insureds.

TEAM STRUCTURE - You can be confident someone will be available to help with your urgent needs. This also facilitates creative problem solving.

PERSPECTIVE - 12 years of retail agency experience, 45 years of wholesale brokerage experience and 16 years of company experience. We appreciate the hard work you and our underwriters need to do to be successful.

FOCUS - Casualty-only experience. We understand what we do best. For example, we refer property business to property experts in our office where you are better served. 


Including, but not limited to...

  • Excess Transportation
  • Excess of Any Other Risk with Heavy Auto Exposures
  • Primary and Excess on Tough Products
  • Primary and Excess on Tough Contracting Business Especially in Difficult States Such as CO, FL, and NY
  • Primary and Excess on Crane and Scaffolding risks


  • Broad and extensive experience
  • Market access
  • Superior market relationships
  • Team structure

"As a broker for over 20 years, I am keenly aware our business presents challenges everyday.  When I need a partner, I always turn to Tim Stone and his staff.  Tim cares about our success, works hard on every account big or small, is creative with solutions, and always gets the job done.  Tim is our first choice because he knows and understands coverage, understands his carriers’ appetite for risk and has great relationships with his underwriters.  We care about the right solution for our clients and so does Tim.  Tim's team is always helpful, easy to reach and works hard on any service request.  You get your answers when you need them."

-  Sharon Neely, Broker Manager, Helmsman Insurance Agency

"Several things my staff and I look for in a broker are responsiveness, knowledge of the insurance programs they provide, and their relationships with their markets.  Tim Stone at CRC, Norcross, and his staff rank A++ in all three.

We know that we can expect quick turnaround of quotes and someone is always in the office to respond to our questions.

Also, Tim Stone has a creative approach to marketing and can offer multiple solutions to problems.

I value Tim’s expertise and thoroughness.  He is my “go to” casualty broker."

-  Elizabeth Allen, First Volunteer Insurance.

"Tim's experience and knowledge about both marketing and coverage makes him a valuable team player in our efforts as a retailer.  If price is the dominant factor, Tim pushes in that direction.  When coverage is an issue, he is creative in delivering the necessary value adds.  The bottom line is that he wants me to write business as much as I want to write business, and he's got my back in getting it done."

-  Nick Blaine, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Insurance Services