Paul Long

Senior Vice President

One North Franklin Suite 3500
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone:  (312) 442-4245
Cell:  (312) 968-9200

Paul started his career as an underwriter at Lloyd’s of London in 1986. He moved to Chicago in 1991 to underwrite a Lloyd’s package program and in 1992, he began his wholesale career.  Paul prides himself on close relationships with his retailers and underwriters which enable him to put together great solutions for their insureds.

Three decades of experience provides Paul with in-depth insights into structuring programs and across many industries nationwide.  His focus is on large national schedules with CAT exposures. He is a member of the CRC Agri Advisory Panel.

  • Agricultural risks including food processors, feedlots, grain
  • Habitational including aggregate deductible programs
  • Real estate schedules including CAT exposures
  • Hospitality risks including hotels, motels, resorts, timeshares
  • Tough Manufacturing including plastic, chemical, wood, recyclers, poor protection
  • All Risk
  • Earthquake - California, Pacific Northwest, New Madrid  
  • High Hazard Flood
  • Named Windstorm
  • Wind/Hail and Named Windstorm deductible buydowns
  • Builders Risk - Frame and Coastal
  • Stock Throughputs
Our team has been together for over 20 years and works to provide the best placement and coverage for our clients. In 2019 our team was named the CRC Property Broker of the Year. We are partnership-driven and view ourselves as an extension of your marketing team.