Frederique Jacquot

Vice President

32 Old Slip 4th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Phone:  (212) 618-0153

Frederique Jacquot is Vice President and a Wholesale Property Insurance Broker at CRC, responsible for the marketing and placement of accounts as well as the production of new business.

Frederique joined Cooper Gay Risk Services in 2006, as a licensed E&S Property Broker specializing in the marketing, structuring, and placement of large, complex accounts exposed to the likelihood of catastrophic events. She has continued to be a vital part of the company since it was purchased by CRC in 2016. Colleagues and clients know her to be a loyal and friendly partner, able to optimize workflow, take action to achieve quick results, and overcome complications smoothly. Frederique is passionate about understanding clients’ needs and improving available coverage options, resulting in truly individualized placements that address the unique qualities or challenges of each account. Colleagues, partners, and clients know they can count on her focus, determination, and perseverance to get the job done.

Her commitment to bringing better service, and adding greater value for those she serves is born out of her desire to continuously improve in all areas of life. By keeping the end goal in sight, she was able to conquer challenges such as running a marathon and competing in an Olympic Triathlon. Prior to joining the insurance industry, Frederique tackled the challenge of performing on the flying trapeze and helping others to face fears and embrace a new challenge by teaching trapeze classes.

Frederique lives in New York with her husband Bill, and chihuahua Tio, who do their best to make her laugh every day. While laughter is the best medicine, Frederique also enjoys finding other ways to maintain health and fitness such as waking up early to workout before getting to the office and reading up on the latest research available on optimal nutrition. She loves traveling to remote destinations around the world and soaking in the quirky experiences that life has to offer.